Forward: Healing Our COVID-19 Story Through Feminine Energy and Healthy New Normals, with Mitra Manesh of innermap

WHEN: Wednesday, June 3rd @ 10AM PST
WHERE: Digitally on The Riveter

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"Mindfulness is being Aware and Accepting of our Present moment experience with Curiosity and Compassion" - MITRA MANESH 

Most of our "normals" are gone, and many of them may never ever come back. We know new normals are and continue to be created. The question is how. There has never been a more urgent need for the nourishing, nurturing, mothering energy of feminine as there is now.

Explore these ideals and more with
innermap founder, Mitra Manesh. Her work is a blend of Western corporate training and Eastern inner-based practices. The result is a unique approach offering knowledge & wisdom in a practical and empowering way.

About Mitra Manesh, Founder of

Mitra Manesh is the founder of
innermap, an innovative new mindfulness App, and the host of “Lights on”, a podcast offering support for a mindful life. She is a mindfulness thought leader, storyteller, and educator with over 3.5 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures to live, love, and lead more consciously at home and at work.